Showing that your retail business is eco-friendly is becoming more and more important these days, especially in certain urban centers that have become a bit more green and environmentally aware, such as Portland, and hipster hotspots of most urban areas.  Having a business that promotes eco-friendly methods can be a great boost in getting people through the doors.

Technology can be a huge help in providing the necessary alterations to your store.

There is a great deal of debate about the effects of technological development on the environment. Technology has historically been responsible for a great amount of harm to the planet, but there is also a lot it can do to improve environmental health. Energy grids are using computers to control distribution, improving efficiency and reducing waste. The spread of information via the internet has allowed scientists and inventors to share ideas instantly, leading to the faster development of energy saving technologies. But there are many ways regular people can use technological advancements to lessen their impact on the environment.

  • Home lighting and heating systems can be equipped with sensors that detect when someone is in the room. Lights will turn on and off immediately when someone enters or leaves the room, while heating and air conditioning appliances will wait a short amount of time before responding. This is a convenient way to keep your energy consumption low.  Use sensors for your bathrooms.
  • Most utility and service companies now offer paperless billing systems. This means you will receive bill information via email rather than in the mail, and make payments electronically with automated direct deposits or digital bank transfers. Call your service providers to see if you can switch to this option.  Offer to allow your customers to receive their receipt by email rather than on paper.
  • Almost all media products are now available in non physical formats. Music can be downloaded as mp3 files or streamed, most television programs and movie content providers offer paid streaming services, and books are available on several different digital reading devices. Switching entirely to digital media consumption saves huge amounts of paper and plastic that would otherwise end up in a landfill.
  • A simple internet search yields easy to use instructions on how to build homemade solar and geothermal energy systems. Some amateur engineering or mechanical experience helps, but it is not as difficult as it sounds. As an added bonus, most local energy companies will actually pay you for putting any unused energy back into the power grid.  Can you think of ways to add solar or geothermal energy to your business?
  • Ensure your computers in the office are running at peak performance by tuning them up from time to time.  There are software programs out there that can be run to ensure that there are no rogue software programs on your PC.  I recommend Spyhunter as well as RegCure pro – read about them here.

There are lots of websites that give easy to use instructions for average people to practice more environmentally friendly energy practices. As people improve these methods on their own, they can share their innovations via blogs and forums with others.